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Code Samples

This page contains my portfolio of some of the more useful pieces of code I've written. Source files are listed all along this page and can be downloaded directly.

Code Snippets

Get Selected (C#)

Language: C#

Description: GetSelected is a function used to return an object the user clicks on. This is currently being developed in my XNA Game Editor. This iterates through a list and pulls out a smaller list of objects that the mouse has clicked on. Then it pulls up the selected item as being the latest placed using indexes.

Download: getSelected.cs (783.00 B) getSelected.txt (783.00 B)

Class Load(C#)

Language: C#

Description: Class Load is a function which loads the assembled list of classes from the executing assembly of the game attached to the editor. This is currently being developed in my XNA Game Editor. It loads up the assembly and pulls out the classes which inherit from GameObject and ignores abstract classes.

Download: classLoad.cs (588.00 B) classLoad.txt (588.00 B)

2D Pathfinding (C#)

Language: C#

Description: Pathfinding is a simple implementation of a 2D pathfinding algorithm which was used in my Tower Defense game. It starts at a position and pushes the surrounding coordinates onto a stack if they are moveable locations. If a dead end is reached then the stack pops off positions until it finds another suitable way to go.

Download: pathfinding.cs (3.21 kB) pathfinding.txt (3.21 kB)